<aside> ☝ Being able to provide good actionable feedback is a very important skill, is also a trainable and acquired skill that gets easier with practice and experience.


Getting Feedback

Be Persistent

Convince your peer/team you really do want to hear what they think. Show them that your requests for criticism are genuine and that you sincerely appreciate it when they say what they think.

Keep asking for feedback regularly. Try different approaches, venues, and situations. Whatever you do, don’t accept an environment where you aren’t getting feedback.

Empathize with your audience

“What advice do you have for me?” When you ask for advice you automatically shift the giver's position from taking a criticizing place to a more helping position.

Listen with the intent to understand, not to respond. Keep your mindset on understanding and learning the person’s point of view, regardless of how you feel about it. Resist the urge to interrupt with your point of view.

Control your emotions

Pausing, breathing, taking a sip of water. All this will take your immediate defensive reaction down and you will be more open to receiving feedback.

Ignore the things that don’t matter

You’ll leave design reviews with many things to look at. Prioritize on the things that truly matter, compromise on the rest.

Make them a part of the solution

Combat negativity and criticism by helping them become your ally.